Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break

For our spring break week Bryan was actually off this year. We toyed with the idea of going somewhere but ended up staying home.  And I for one am so glad we did!!  We did plenty right here!!!  We went to My Big Backyard at the Botanic Gardens, a jump place, celebrated Uncle Justin's Bday, went to the zoo, went to Shelby Farms, and played at a friends house.  I think the kids were probably ready for back to school to chill out a little :)!  10 days before this we had snow on the ground.  So we were happy for a week of warmer weather!  
It's spring break!  During spring break you have to go to sonic and get ice cream!  Don't believe me??  Just ask these two.  They make the rules.
All the play houses at My Big Backyard are so cool!  They make everyone want to be a kid again.
Kiddos in the chicken coop.  There was a stuffed rooster in the door next to the kids and Lu kept putting him in there and telling him night night.  He must have looked sleepy!
Keeping up with the big kids :)
Slide fun!
Photo op while we take a break for a drink!
Tranquility garden.  I hope no one was trying to be tranquil cause the kids saw the open space as an area to run and scream!
Feeding the geese, ducks, and swan. That swan was humongous and Livi wouldn't take her eyes off it!  Dino playground!  This was nice because it's in a different spot at the gardens kind of hidden (so way less people)!
Dinner on the patio at Bahama Breeze!  Lu ate her weight in macaroni and cheese and Bryan got a green beer for St. Patty's!  Great day and we all slept very soundly that night!

Off to the jump place!  Livi is working really hard to keep up with brother.  And doing a good job.
Even captain America likes to ride slides with his mama!!
I don't need a fork!! I'm good, thanks. 
Zoo trip!
Sea lion show shenanigans! This boy doesn't like having his picture taken!!
Making wishes!
Someone is daydreaming!This one is Daddy's Girl!  They are so stinking sweet.

We had a nice week off. It was just what we all needed!!! 

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Kara Paulk said...

Glad ya'll had such a fun Spring Break! Now it's time to plan a trip to South Carolina!!!!